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Frequently Asked Questions

Healthcare prices have recently skyrocketed. As a result, in the event of any medical emergency, people wind up spending a good amount of their savings, jeopardising their future goals. A health insurance plan provides financial support in the event of a medical emergency, making it beneficial. Aside from that, it provides extra advantages like health check-up coverage, ambulance coverage, and tax breaks.
There is no set “best health insurance in India”. Your best health insurance policy depends on your requirements and budget. Whichever medical insurance policy offers you the required coverage at a minimal premium rate is your best health insurance plan in India.
There is a certain time frame after policy acquisition in which you cannot file any insurance claim. This period is called the waiting period in health insurance.
A co-pay in health insurance is a set proportion of the total claim amount paid by the customer. The insurer pays the remainder in accordance with the provisions of the policy. You may lower your insurance premiums by electing a co-pay policy.
The total premium amount paid for health insurance is tax deductible. That is, you can subtract the amount you spend as a health insurance premium for your active coverage from your overall taxable income up to a limit of INR 25,000 for policyholders under 60 years old and INR 50,000 for senior citizens.
Yes. You can avail of income tax benefits under section 80D up to INR 50,000 for senior citizens and up to INR 25,000 for policyholders under the age of 60 years. Both scenarios include an INR 5,000 tax break on preventive healthcare.
Health insurance is intended to give the insured financial support for a specified tenure if he or she incurs a qualified medical expense. In exchange, the policyholder must pay a specified premium amount on a regular basis. Medical expenditures are compensated up to the limit of the total sum insured by the policy, which is the insurance provider’s highest claim amount under that policy.
A no-claim bonus, or NCB, is a financial incentive provided to policyholders through their health insurance plan. If you do not file any claim during the entire policy tenure of 1 year, you need a monetary benefit for the same. Depending on the insurer’s terms and conditions, the reward might be an increase in the total insured sum or a reduction in the insurance premium.
Yes. You can request an increase in the sum insured of your existing medical insurance policy at the time of renewal. However, you will receive an additional waiting term as well as an increase in the policy premium as specified in the company’s terms and conditions.
Yes. You can have multiple health insurance policies.